Radiance of World’s most Venerable Language ‘Sanskrit’

  • Sanskrit has the most elevated number of vocabularies than whatever other dialect on the planet.
  • 102 billion words have been utilized till now as a part of Sanskrit.
  • Sanskrit has the ability to say a sentence in a base number of words than some other dialect.
  • America has a University devoted to Sanskrit and the NASA too has a division in it to explore on Sanskrit compositions.
  • Sanskrit is the best Computer and software amicable language. (Ref: Forbes Magazine July 1987).
  • Sanskrit is a very regularized dialect. Even NASA announced it to be the single unambiguous talked dialect on the planet and exceptionally suitable for computer programming language development.
  • Sanskrit is the oldest dialect on the planet.
  • Sanskrit is an official dialect of the one Indian state, Uttarakhand.
  • There is a report by a NASA researcher that America is making sixth and seventh era super PCs taking into account Sanskrit dialect. Venture deadline is 2025 for sixth era and 2034 for seventh era super computers. After this there will be an upset everywhere throughout the world to learn Sanskrit.
  • The dialect is rich in most exceptional science, contained in their books called Vedas, Upanishads, Aranyaka, Brahmin Granths, Thousand Bhasya, Shruti, Smriti, Puranas, Mahabharata, Ramayana and so forth. (Ref: Russian State University, NASA and so forth.)
background with ancient sanskrit text etched into a stone tablet in a public square
Background with ancient Sanskrit text etched into a stone tablet in a public square

NASA has 60,000 palm leaf original copies, which they are decoding.

  • Learning of Sanskrit enhances blood circulation in brain and improves memory. In researches, learners begin showing signs of improvement imprints in different subjects like Mathematics, Science and so on which a few learners find troublesome. It improves the memory power. James Junior School, London, has made Sanskrit necessary. Learners of this school are among the toppers quite a long time. This has been trailed by a few schools in Ireland moreover.
  • Research has demonstrated that the phonetics of this dialect has roots in different vitality purposes of the body and perusing, talking or discussing Sanskrit animates these focuses and raises the vitality levels, whereby resistance against sicknesses, unwinding to brain and reduce of anxiety are accomplished.
  • Sanskrit is the main dialect, which utilizes every one of the nerves of the tongue. By its elocution, vitality focuses in the body are initiated that causes the blood dissemination to move forward. This, combined with the improved IQ and higher vitality levels, guarantees better well-being. Circulatory strain, diabetes, cholesterol and so forth are controlled. (Ref: American Hindu University after consistent study)

panini glory of sanskriti

  • There are reports that Russians, Germans and Americans are effectively doing examination on Hindu’s sacrosanct books and are creating them back to the world in their name. Seventeen nations around the globe have a University or two to study Sanskrit to increase innovative focal points.
  • Surprisingly, it is not only a dialect. Sanskrit is the primordial course between Human Thought and the holy Soul; Matter and Metaphysics; Culture and Heritage; Nature and its Master; Created and the Creator.
  • Sanskrit is not only a language but the back bone of Sanatan Dharma. This is the academic dialect of 3 noteworthy World religions– Hinduism, Buddhism and Jainism.
  • Today, there are a modest bunch of Indian towns of Rajasthan, Uttar Pradesh, Madhya Pradesh, Orissa, Karnataka where Sanskrit is still talked as the fundamental dialect. For instance in the town of Mathur in Karnataka, more than 90% of the populace knows Sanskrit. Mathur/Mattur is a town 10 kms from Shimoga speaks Sanskrit on consistent schedule (regular correspondence).
  • Even a Sanskrit day by day daily paper exists! Sudharma, distributed out of Mysore, has been running subsequent to 1970 and is currently accessible online as an e-paper (sudharma.epapertoday.com)!
  • The best kind of timetable being utilized is Hindu calendar (as the new year begins with the land change of the close planetary system) Ref: German state college
  • The UK is studying on a protection mechanism taking into account Hindu’s Shri Chakra based on Sanskrit Beej Mantra. Below picture show the 3D Graphics of Shri Chakra.


  • Another fascinating truth about Sanskrit dialect was that the procedure of bringing new words into the dialect proceeded for a long stretch until it was ceased by the colossal grammarian Panini who composed a whole sentence structure for the dialect setting down tenets for the inference of every last word in Sanskrit and refused the giving so as to present of new words a full rundown of Roots and Nouns. Indeed, even after Panini, a few changes happen which were regularized by Vararuchi lastly by Patanjali. Any encroachment of the principles as set around Patanjali was viewed as a syntactic blunder and henceforth the Sanskrit Language has stayed in same with no change from the date of Patanjali, which was 250 B.C..
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